2011 Western Regional Conference
We are the senior planning committee for the 2011 Conference at USD. Please feel free to contact any of us with any questions you may have! We are looking forward to seeing you all at the conference!

Planning Committee:

  • Conference Chair:                               Renee Thomashow (iie.westcoast.chair@gmail.com)
  • Transportation:                                    Chayne Johnson (iie.westcoast.transportation@gmail.com)
  • Registration/Paper Competition:         Tariq Abanumay (iie.westcoast.register@gmail.com)
  • Industry Tours:                                     Rodrigo Diaz (iie.westcoast.tours@gmail.com)
  • Sponsorship/Fundraising:                   Tiara Chapel (iie.westcoast.sponsorship@gmail.com)
  • Social Events:                                     Rodrigo Diaz (iie.westcoast.events@gmail.com)
  • Career Fair:                                          Josh Schroeder  (iie.westcoast.careers@gmail.com)
  • Meals/ Banquets:                                Andrea Warren (iie.westcoast.banquet@gmail.com)
  • Speakers: Key Note and Technical    Tiara Chapel (iie.westocast.sponsorship@gmail.com)
Last Updated 12/5/2010